Sometimes I wonder how the world would have been if everyone had the same thoughts, visions, missions and views. Definitely it would have been very boring. likewise if all the political parties of Tanzania were the same with same policies and views, then there would have been no challenge at all.

Last Sunday was the election day. i was so pleased with the huge turn out of youths who went to vote. it was very encouraging. now it shows that some people have woken up from the heavy sleep and they want to be part of the change they want to see.

On the side of opposition candidates who have won parliamentary seats, it is also encouraging. now we shall see new young faces, full of determination and enthusiasm. now that old guy will stop picking on poor Kabwe, because there are more Kabwes in parliament. There shall be discipline and a voice of the voiceless. More transparency and openness is excepted and not just “yes,your honour, no your honour” style that was before!

In every game that you play, there has to be a winner and a looser. SO those who could not make it, may they accept the reality because when they were winning before, some were losers so now it is check mate!

I expect to see a lot in the coming parliamentary sessions and I also expect to see changes in most angles of development.




About bagataya

I am a Tanzanian, married with a lovely daughter called Magreth. I am a freelance journalist as well as a law student. I always aim high, I never prove failure, I want to be on top and never at the bottom. I believe everyone can learn anything as long as they put their whole heart into it. I believe Africa is a wonderful continent and if resources are well utilissed we will never die of hunger.
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