Last weekend, Sunday, a short saga occurred in Tanga whereby CCM members were to vacate in a dialogue of two parties, i.e. CHADEMA nad CUF.

The whole scenario took place whereby members of the opposition parties claimed that the chairman of CCM had forbidden CCM candidates to participate in any dialogue in the country.

wonderful enough the platform was crowded by CCM members something which made opposition members to stand bold and announce  that all members of CCM to vacate the area. Those CCM members who were present were; Ramadhani S. Kajumba, a secretary od of the Korogwe ward, Juma Dungumano and Elia Raphael.

The CHADEMA chairman said the representatives were members of CCM and he could not allow them into the dialogue because they did not bring their candidate so it was like they were spying on them.

the dialogue was prepared by an NGO called TASCO which is a network of many others in Tanga. David Chanyengo, a representative of the TASCO said that the aim of preparing such a dialogue was to get the citizens to ask questions to the candidates on their strategic plans for the development of their constituency.


About bagataya

I am a Tanzanian, married with a lovely daughter called Magreth. I am a freelance journalist as well as a law student. I always aim high, I never prove failure, I want to be on top and never at the bottom. I believe everyone can learn anything as long as they put their whole heart into it. I believe Africa is a wonderful continent and if resources are well utilissed we will never die of hunger.
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