Whenever you are in a race it means that you make sure the opponent looses. And sometimes the opponent doesn’t get kicked off easily. Then you must act fast on how to bring this opponent down, in a more diplomatic manner.

So, what you do you look for others who are also fighting the same opponent. Here it becomes a bit lighter as opponent are not fought with a single weapon. We need varieties as long as they aim in doing the same job.

Don’t be alarmed to hear KUGA PETER MZIRAY, while addressing his campaigns, he addresses Dr. Wilbroad Slaa of CHADEMA and Prof. Ibrahim Lipumba of CUF. Mziray knows well what he is doing!

They are both fighting the same opponent then why not talk about them? After all, it is the people who would choose in October 2010.

Sometimes I would how could a journalist look this as an angle and starting telling tales! It should be noted that whenever politicians are on their platforms, they have their own ways to do their campaigns. Something that you and I will never predict because politicians are unpredictable!

You may cause a feud among them, thinking that you have won but don’t be surprised seeing these three seated together and having a cup of coffee!

Always try to get your facts straight,  don’t rush into publishing a story which in the end will make people question your ability in writing. Dont be cheap and a puppet of anyone, you a journalist and you should have pride in yourself! Then your work shall be respected.

If you are not sure on the facts, it is always wise to ask and not just write what comes to your head.

Kuga Peter Mziray is still moving on with his campaigns and this week he shall be in the southern highlands, starting from Iringa municipality, Makambako, Mbeya and Tunduma.


About bagataya

I am a Tanzanian, married with a lovely daughter called Magreth. I am a freelance journalist as well as a law student. I always aim high, I never prove failure, I want to be on top and never at the bottom. I believe everyone can learn anything as long as they put their whole heart into it. I believe Africa is a wonderful continent and if resources are well utilissed we will never die of hunger.
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