Once a scientist, is always a scientist! The good side about science is innovations. It is always difficult to predict a scientist. They have very awkward ways of dealing with things. But the best part of it is how their awkward ways turn to be unique and of an advantage to the majority.

As I said it is very difficult to predict a scientist, and it is even very difficult to predict the whereabouts of the African Progressive Party of Tanzania, presidential candidate, Kuga Peter Mziray’s campaigns. This candidate has been campaigned since the campaigns began. Wonderful enough two hours after the CCM, candidate ran out of glucose, Mzirary launched his campaigns at Zakhiem, Mbagala.

Despite the fact that Mziray does not get much coverage like the CCM candidate, his campaigns are peaceful, calm and well-arranged.

The best part of the campaigns is the venue. Mziray has a unique style of following people int their places of business like;public bus stations, markets,and youth hangouts(commonly known as vijiwe in swahili). This style has never been practiced in Tanzania. No wonder whenever he has a meeting people are surprised by the style he enter the place of meeting with his musical instruments in his car and after a meeting off he goes! No fancy cars and lush dances to accompany him. He is a company of his own!

yesterday he opened a new page whereby he addressed the people of FERRY area. That area is about one kilometer from the State house, where his rival the CCM candidate lives. As we all know that Tanzanians have this what i call hypocritical obedience whereby they believe that CCM is believe thing in their life.

A saga occur whereby the Ferry guard told Mziray that he could not hold his meeting there due to the fact that his precious ferry money would not be safe! Another weakness of Tanzanians,looking for lame excuses to justify the unjustified! Now this guy threats Mziray(who is never afraid of threats) that this is a government property. Poor guy! Had he known that Mziray is a scientist he wouldn’t waste his precious breath! A point to note; NEVER argue  WITH ANY SCIENTIST.

So this guy calls the police, and like Tanzanians poor knowledge, he tells them many false stories. A mob of police officers of all genders enters the Ferry area. They began to demand why such meeting is taking place, they have this timetable of theirs which according to them was from NEC. If only they knew that how scientists are full of well researched data and evidence they wouldn’t have produced their timetable.

When asked if ASP Kingodo Karunguyeye, The officer whom was present at NEC offices when the timetable was in its final draft and after completion he was given several copies, they denied. I was not surprised. After all this Tanzania! May God Bless it!

Then they were given the NEC timetable. See? How science is so good! What could they say, rather than next time please inform us so that we may find a safer place for you? Well, that is usually expected when you are able to prove yourself right and those proven wrong are much older than you, they could even be your parents.

Now after 16 minutes with the police raw, Mziray went on with his meeting. Mind you, he did not stop even when he saw the police. See, what I mean by scientist are difficult to predict!

After addressing the people these officers came and shook his hand. Wow, how sweet! Against all odds, Mziray addressed the people of Ferry on the 14th of September 2010. I WONDER WHAT HAPPENED AFTER WE LEFT?


About bagataya

I am a Tanzanian, married with a lovely daughter called Magreth. I am a freelance journalist as well as a law student. I always aim high, I never prove failure, I want to be on top and never at the bottom. I believe everyone can learn anything as long as they put their whole heart into it. I believe Africa is a wonderful continent and if resources are well utilissed we will never die of hunger.
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