As the race goes on, more and more surprises are seen and heard. Mziray keeps on paving the clouds despite the fact that the Tanzanian media does not cover his campaign. “The important thing is that I campaign according to my timetable. If the media decides to come well and good, but if it waits for a bahasha, (meaning allowances)then I move on. It is the voters who need my campaigns and I shall adhere to that,” says Mziray.
As he goes on, he has come up with this great miracle road, which he believes will solve the problem of poverty tremendously.It is a road to be constructed along the Indian Ocean. This road shall have three phases;
Phase one shall be from Dar es Salaam to Tanga. The second phase shall be from Dar es Salaam to Lindi and the final phase shall be from Dar es Salaam to Mtwara.
The roads shall be constructed along the ocean as that of the Crate island in Greece. This shall lead to the construction of apartments, cottages and factories along the ocean. Due to this many people shall be employed. Not only that, but tourists shall flourish to the country and due to the foreign income the economy of the country shall be uplifted.
Another impact of this Miracle International Road is that more people shall move to the mentioned areas and reduce the huge crows of people in the cities. So people shall invest and through that more and more income to the country’s economy shall be available.


About bagataya

I am a Tanzanian, married with a lovely daughter called Magreth. I am a freelance journalist as well as a law student. I always aim high, I never prove failure, I want to be on top and never at the bottom. I believe everyone can learn anything as long as they put their whole heart into it. I believe Africa is a wonderful continent and if resources are well utilissed we will never die of hunger.
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