On a journey to Arusha from Dar es Salaam, one cannot avoid passing through Moshi town. This town is not very big but it has a beautiful scenario. It is very clean. One cannot see a piece of paper lying around. The gardens and pavements are very well-kept. You may think you are in another country, but still in Tanzania.

The question is why does Moshi succeed and Dar es Salaam fails? When we look at Moshi, we see that the town council is very firm on its rules and regulation so all the residents are aware of tidying their town.

Once a man who was on transit bought a voucher and after using it he threw it on the ground. After a few seconds, he was surrounded by two men in uniform and he was charged for the offence. He had to pay 5000/= and he was given a receipt!

 In Dar es Salaam such scenario are never seen. A person might have a shop along a road and in front of the shop there is a gutter full of dirty stinking water with flies buzzing along it.

 When you look at the residents of Dar es Salaam at a glance, they are well-groomed but when you go to their houses, the surroundings are life threatened! One cannot imagine an officer of a certain firm living in a house full furnished but the environment that surroundings it, it is horrible.

There are aged women sweeping along the city roads and on the highway, but this is not enough! We need clean pavements, well watered gardens; we need urine free walls (as this has become a chronic disease).

Speaking to an officer of the Kinondoni Municipality who did not what his name mentioned, said, “We have good strategies for the municipality, we are working on the mechanism to implement the strategy”. Such statement is very bitter. At first I thought he was trying to show me that he can use words like; strategy, mechanism and implementation, but later on I learned that these are the very same words used by many officials when they avoid answering a question which leads them to negativity of their duties.

I don’t think that Moshi used such theories in keeping their town clean. It is a matter of patriotism and the love of their town. They know that Moshi is theirs and they are proud of being there, so the matter to keep it clean does not base completely on strategies, mechanisms, and implementations. Those will follow after a committed will to beatify what is theirs.

 In the rural areas, people have a way to keep their litter. In their villages, soft litter is taken to their domestic gardens and left to turn into manure. There are no so many plastic bottles and the very few that are available are used to keep their domestic products, like milk, and honey like wise with glass bottles. Fallen leaves from trees are put in small growing trees or bushes and left for mulching. So it is very difficult to find litter lying around these areas. Even fruit peals are taken to goat and cattle.

It is a call upon stakeholders of Dar es Salaam to take a glance face of the city and act immediately for its hygiene. Soon the rainy seasons will commence and that means cholera and dysentery are around the corner as many people will lead their sewage into the streets pretending that it is rain water.Now the question is; where on earth rain water smells so badly!

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Anytime right now the president shall form a cabinet of ministers. It is high time we reflect on some important issues that will take this nation a step further in development and that at the end of the day Tanzania are happy and satisfied with what they get.

We saw how the huge turn up of youths on election day was. This is an achievement. It means that now youths have woken up from the deep sleep of “letting others do for them” and acting on themselves fully.  although the is a challenge that not many youths had registered but I am sure in 2015 more will have already be register and the vibe will be great!

Despite the fact that NEC failed to perform its duties thoroughly,or whether they did that on purpose to favour a certain candidate, the outcome was of a very minute standard. I remember a certain EU election observer said, “how long does it take to add up the votes and announce the results as soon as possible!”

On looking at different political parties manifestoes we can see that each part expressed itself fully on what it would do if it got into power. Now that we know who the winner is, I think it would have been wisely for KIKWETE to join hands with those parties and build a better Tanzania. It is not good enough saying Tanzania is for us all while you are actually learning on your side only.

He once said that let us not fight for pillars, but wonderful enough he has shut all the pillar in his room! So how can he say that Tanzania is for all while he is not collaborating with other political parties using their election manifestoes to build a better Tanzania?

Another thing I always believe in listening to other people advises but I NEVER  allow them to decide for me. Tanzania has well-educated, full of knowledge people with a good reputation inside and outside Africa. So I don’t see why he doesn’t use those and look for foreigners to run our resources down? If it is a matter of capacity building we have experts right here to do so. what is needed is to recognise the and acknowledge them.

 Against all odds,I still have a bit of faith with President Kikwete and I believe if he “puts Tanzania first” then this country in the next five years it would have taken a step forward in education, health issues, manufacturing Industries, employment and infrastructure.

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Sometimes I wonder how the world would have been if everyone had the same thoughts, visions, missions and views. Definitely it would have been very boring. likewise if all the political parties of Tanzania were the same with same policies and views, then there would have been no challenge at all.

Last Sunday was the election day. i was so pleased with the huge turn out of youths who went to vote. it was very encouraging. now it shows that some people have woken up from the heavy sleep and they want to be part of the change they want to see.

On the side of opposition candidates who have won parliamentary seats, it is also encouraging. now we shall see new young faces, full of determination and enthusiasm. now that old guy will stop picking on poor Kabwe, because there are more Kabwes in parliament. There shall be discipline and a voice of the voiceless. More transparency and openness is excepted and not just “yes,your honour, no your honour” style that was before!

In every game that you play, there has to be a winner and a looser. SO those who could not make it, may they accept the reality because when they were winning before, some were losers so now it is check mate!

I expect to see a lot in the coming parliamentary sessions and I also expect to see changes in most angles of development.



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Last weekend, Sunday, a short saga occurred in Tanga whereby CCM members were to vacate in a dialogue of two parties, i.e. CHADEMA nad CUF.

The whole scenario took place whereby members of the opposition parties claimed that the chairman of CCM had forbidden CCM candidates to participate in any dialogue in the country.

wonderful enough the platform was crowded by CCM members something which made opposition members to stand bold and announce  that all members of CCM to vacate the area. Those CCM members who were present were; Ramadhani S. Kajumba, a secretary od of the Korogwe ward, Juma Dungumano and Elia Raphael.

The CHADEMA chairman said the representatives were members of CCM and he could not allow them into the dialogue because they did not bring their candidate so it was like they were spying on them.

the dialogue was prepared by an NGO called TASCO which is a network of many others in Tanga. David Chanyengo, a representative of the TASCO said that the aim of preparing such a dialogue was to get the citizens to ask questions to the candidates on their strategic plans for the development of their constituency.

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Kvitters|APPT-MAENDELEO|Search|Twitter|Answers|Videos|Digg|Blogs|Twitter Trends|Google Trends|Yahoo Buzz

Kvitters|APPT-MAENDELEO|Search|Twitter|Answers|Videos|Digg|Blogs|Twitter Trends|Google Trends|Yahoo Buzz.

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After being in the southern highlands for the past week now Mziray’s campaign take a new direction. As from the 1st of October he shall be in the Lake zone, starting with Kigoma, Mwanza, Kagera, and finally in Mara.

While in the southern highlands, apart from sensitizing on health. education and employment, Mziray took a step further by saying that if he is elected a president of the united Republic of Tanzania, he shall select ministers from those who could not make it in presidency. He said, “i hold no grouch with anyone on the race, even Jakaya will be very potential in my cabinet of ministers.”

He went further saying his government will open a special jail to imprison those who are found guilty of UFISADI(Massive corruption like EPA). He will make sure they are dealt accordingly and pay for the loss they have contributed to the disintegration of the country’s economy.

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We depend on cash from donors.

How will you eradicate this when you get to power? And what is your time frame?


We shall inductively defend budget, ministry of social welfare. To increase its budget on vulnerable groups.

Law on vulnerable group. We shall see to its implementation.


We shall increase the budget.


We believe manufacturing industries are a solution to the dependency of donor funds. We intend to raise the industries which are collapsed e.g. Tanganyika Packers, Sungura Textille, Mwanza tanneries, to mention a few.


How will you help those with those with mental handicap.


We call for general check up annually. Those with mental handicap shall noted and taken care according to status and those who are of a serious case should be separated with those who are passive.


Increase medical professionals, give them more education on how to care for these.


We are on the youth point of view. We focus on poverty. How will help youths to eradicate poverty.


We shall ensure that all youths are in special groups and given different tasks to do so as not to remain loitering around or being idle.

We shall increase the race on combating drug abuse. Also monitor diplomats of Tanzania to be scanned at the airport.


**To prepare youths to be creative in culture, knowledge, humanity, economy, spots,


The miracle road. This is a road from Dar- Tanga, Dar-Lindi, and Dar- Mtwara along the Indian Ocean. This shall create manufacturing industries, and jobs hence reduce the heavy congestion in the cities. Also this shall boost tourism and help in the country’s economy.

Emphasis on education on science and technology. It is only science and technology which will create innovations, and innovations will enhance development.

However these vulnerable groups rejected the party’s statement claiming that they way they see it, they don’t believe if these political parties can help them. On the other hand APPT-MAENDELEO, TLP and UPDP said that if these groups what is in their  manifestoes then their door are opened to those who believe in them.

All these occurred on a two days workshop organised by ERIS under the sponsorship of UNDP.

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Whenever you are in a race it means that you make sure the opponent looses. And sometimes the opponent doesn’t get kicked off easily. Then you must act fast on how to bring this opponent down, in a more diplomatic manner.

So, what you do you look for others who are also fighting the same opponent. Here it becomes a bit lighter as opponent are not fought with a single weapon. We need varieties as long as they aim in doing the same job.

Don’t be alarmed to hear KUGA PETER MZIRAY, while addressing his campaigns, he addresses Dr. Wilbroad Slaa of CHADEMA and Prof. Ibrahim Lipumba of CUF. Mziray knows well what he is doing!

They are both fighting the same opponent then why not talk about them? After all, it is the people who would choose in October 2010.

Sometimes I would how could a journalist look this as an angle and starting telling tales! It should be noted that whenever politicians are on their platforms, they have their own ways to do their campaigns. Something that you and I will never predict because politicians are unpredictable!

You may cause a feud among them, thinking that you have won but don’t be surprised seeing these three seated together and having a cup of coffee!

Always try to get your facts straight,  don’t rush into publishing a story which in the end will make people question your ability in writing. Dont be cheap and a puppet of anyone, you a journalist and you should have pride in yourself! Then your work shall be respected.

If you are not sure on the facts, it is always wise to ask and not just write what comes to your head.

Kuga Peter Mziray is still moving on with his campaigns and this week he shall be in the southern highlands, starting from Iringa municipality, Makambako, Mbeya and Tunduma.

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Once a scientist, is always a scientist! The good side about science is innovations. It is always difficult to predict a scientist. They have very awkward ways of dealing with things. But the best part of it is how their awkward ways turn to be unique and of an advantage to the majority.

As I said it is very difficult to predict a scientist, and it is even very difficult to predict the whereabouts of the African Progressive Party of Tanzania, presidential candidate, Kuga Peter Mziray’s campaigns. This candidate has been campaigned since the campaigns began. Wonderful enough two hours after the CCM, candidate ran out of glucose, Mzirary launched his campaigns at Zakhiem, Mbagala.

Despite the fact that Mziray does not get much coverage like the CCM candidate, his campaigns are peaceful, calm and well-arranged.

The best part of the campaigns is the venue. Mziray has a unique style of following people int their places of business like;public bus stations, markets,and youth hangouts(commonly known as vijiwe in swahili). This style has never been practiced in Tanzania. No wonder whenever he has a meeting people are surprised by the style he enter the place of meeting with his musical instruments in his car and after a meeting off he goes! No fancy cars and lush dances to accompany him. He is a company of his own!

yesterday he opened a new page whereby he addressed the people of FERRY area. That area is about one kilometer from the State house, where his rival the CCM candidate lives. As we all know that Tanzanians have this what i call hypocritical obedience whereby they believe that CCM is believe thing in their life.

A saga occur whereby the Ferry guard told Mziray that he could not hold his meeting there due to the fact that his precious ferry money would not be safe! Another weakness of Tanzanians,looking for lame excuses to justify the unjustified! Now this guy threats Mziray(who is never afraid of threats) that this is a government property. Poor guy! Had he known that Mziray is a scientist he wouldn’t waste his precious breath! A point to note; NEVER argue  WITH ANY SCIENTIST.

So this guy calls the police, and like Tanzanians poor knowledge, he tells them many false stories. A mob of police officers of all genders enters the Ferry area. They began to demand why such meeting is taking place, they have this timetable of theirs which according to them was from NEC. If only they knew that how scientists are full of well researched data and evidence they wouldn’t have produced their timetable.

When asked if ASP Kingodo Karunguyeye, The officer whom was present at NEC offices when the timetable was in its final draft and after completion he was given several copies, they denied. I was not surprised. After all this Tanzania! May God Bless it!

Then they were given the NEC timetable. See? How science is so good! What could they say, rather than next time please inform us so that we may find a safer place for you? Well, that is usually expected when you are able to prove yourself right and those proven wrong are much older than you, they could even be your parents.

Now after 16 minutes with the police raw, Mziray went on with his meeting. Mind you, he did not stop even when he saw the police. See, what I mean by scientist are difficult to predict!

After addressing the people these officers came and shook his hand. Wow, how sweet! Against all odds, Mziray addressed the people of Ferry on the 14th of September 2010. I WONDER WHAT HAPPENED AFTER WE LEFT?

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